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Masterclass Weekend with Joey DeFrancesco

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Masterclass Weekend with Joey DeFrancesco

Join Joey as he discusses his approach to mastering the Hammond Organ during this two-day in-depth masterclass 

All aspects of the organ will be covered 

Organ Sounds & Effects
  • Vibrato
  • Percussion
  • Working the Leslie (Tremolo) 
  • Drawbar settings
  • Expression pedal technique 
Left Hand Bass & Pedal Technique
  • Coordination
  • Building bass lines
  • Chording with the left hand
  • Pedal feathering
  • Pedals on ballads and other tempos
Harmony & Voicing
  • Chord inversions
  • Voice leading    
  • Soloing 
  • Comping behind a soloist 
  • Swinging with the band
  • Use of space

  • Fingering
  • Speed
  • Control
  • Time Feel
  • Dynamics 
Other topics 
  • Composition – Joey’s approach to writing music
  • Working with the band 
  • Vintage & clone organs 
  • Additional instruments 
Question & Answer Sessions with Interactive Chat*

*In an effort to cover as much material as possible, Joey will attempt to answer as many follow-up questions as possible but cannot guarantee every question will be answered. 

When - Saturday, May 20th & Sunday, May 21st   

Watch the masterclass both days between 2:00 - 5:00 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time / New York Time). 

Streamed live from a professional broadcast studio.

A three camera live video shoot is provided in an effort to offer the most up close and inclusive experience. 
  • Main frontal camera 
  • Foot camera - to capture the expression pedal, bass pedals, and foot technique up close. 
  • Hands/keyboard camera- the forever requested "Let me see your hands" view. 
June 1- Watch the masterclass with unlimited playback (For one month) in its entirety as well as the option to view in slow motion.  

What's included:
  • Access to the full masterclass May 20th & 21st between 2:00 - 5:00 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time)
  • Streamed live from a professional broadcast studio
  • Three camera shoot - Frontal, foot and keyboard views to capture every aspect of the organ
  • Live interactive chat 
  • Submit your most important questions in advance through private email submission 
  • June 1st - Unlimited playback of the entire two-day masterclass
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